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OTM 1000
General Features Waveform Analyzer Gamut Picture Monitor 3D Support Audio Loudness Status & Logging DataView Eye/Jitter Timing Generator
General Features General Features General Features General Features
Waveform Analyzer Waveform Analyzer Waveform Analyzer
Picture Monitor Picture Monitor Picture Monitor Picture Monitor Picture Monitor Picture Monitor
Audio Audio Audio Audio
3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D 3D
Loudness Loudness Loudness Loudness
Gamut Gamut Gamut
Status & Logging Status & Logging
Eye/Jitter Eye/Jitter
Timing Timing
Generator Generator Generator Generator

High-Precision Video/Audio Waveform Analyzer…

• RGB or YCbCr SDI
• SD support as standard; HD, 3 Gb/s Levels A and B, and Dual Link support as software options
• XYZ 4:4:4, 12bit, 2K Digital Cinema (with VIEW_XR_DCI option)

Choice of Control Surface

• Front Panel
• Keyboard & Mouse
• Remote Control (SNMP)

Wide Range of Performance options

Flexible Layout

• Fully customizable screen layout
• User-selectable Region of Interest

Multi-Channel Capability (with VIEW_2 option)

• Monitor two different format SDI Inputs
- Simultaneously

Full Configurability

• User configuration of individual displays
• User configuration of test signal output
• User configuration of audio and video signal parameters
• User configuration of audio channel allocation e.g. for surround sound

Waveform Monitor

• 8, 10 or 12-bit precision
• Native 1024-high waveforms
• YCbCr, RGB and Composite colour spaces; also XYZ with VIEW_XR_DCI option
• H & V magnification functions
• Gain, Gamma & Persistence controls
• Timebase and Amplitude cursors

Region of Interest Facility


• High resolution display
• 75% and 100% graticules
• Magnification Control

Picture Monitor

• Full raster, Pulse Cross, Active, 1:1
• Optional highlighting of gamut and range errors

Zoom View

• User-selectable point of interest
• Choice of 15x or 31x magnification

Timecode display

• with choice of font and location

Closed Caption display

• EIA 608, EIA 708, Line 21 Closed Captions
• PAL and OP-47 Teletext Subtitles
• Logging to XML file

Safe Action and Safe Title Cages

Audio Analysis (with AUDIO option)

• Supports 16 channels of embedded audio
• Wide range of PPM meter ballistics & graticules

Dolby Support

• Dolby D (with AUDIO_DOLBY_D) and Dolby E (with AUDIO_DOLBY_E)
• Full decoding of compressed audio inputs, including metadata analysis

Surround Sound display with Centre of Sound

AES/EBU Formats (with AUDIO_AES option)

• Supported through separate AES hardware card

Lissajous Figures

• Individual channel pairs
• and Surround Sound


• Play-out of channel pair through headphones or speaker
• Multi-channel play-out with AUDIO_AES option

Stereo 3D Toolset(with VIEW_3D option)

Offering both features seen in other 3D analysis tools and some unique to OmniTek

Visualisation of embedded disparity data

• Displayed through Difference image; also visible as areas of red/cyan in Anaglyph
• Difference larger where object is further away from screen plane

Comparison against Depth Budget

• Disparities interpreted as coloured Depth Map
• Points closer than Budget shown red, points further than Budget shown violet
• Option of just showing points that are in error
• Also shown in form of histogram, against markers showing Depth Budget

3D Depth Plan

• Plan of the objects seen by the viewer as seen from above
• Same colour coding used as on Depth Map
• Minimum and Maximum Budget distances and Screen plane all marked.
• XYZ coordinates in Viewer’s world shown in top right-hand corner of display

Elevation View

• Version of 3D Depth Plan showing the scene as seen from one side
Crosshairs on these views exactly correspond to each other and to the crosshair on the 3D Depth Map and the various Picture displays

Responsive to Different Screen Sizes

• Depth Plan and Elevation Views respond instantly to changes in screen width and viewer distance allowing testing across range of possible projection scenarios

Colour Matching

• Visual Comparison either through alternating left and right images
• Or through Checkerboard of alternate squares from left and right (as shown here)
• 3D Waveform, comprising alternating sections of left and right image waveforms
• Anaglyph Vectorscope: Left and right vectorscope traces coloured red and cyan, overlaid to show differences
• 3D Pixel Histogram, comprising either individual overlaid pixel histograms or a set of ‘difference’ histograms

Loudness Monitoring (with AUDIO option)

• Loudness assessed in accordance with BS.1770-1, EBU TECH 3341 and 3342
• Both Channel-pair and Programme values for Momentary; Short-term and Integrated Loudness calculated
• Programme value shown alongside Surround Sound PPMs
• Trace and histogram displays of Loudness History
• Relative and Safety Gates to ensure correct handling of start and end of programmes and of silence within a programme


• Unique CIE Colour Chart
• Colour Gamut Graticule and Histogram displays
• YCbCr, RGB and Composite levels easily monitored

Status & Logging

• Frame and Session values of monitored parameters displayed either in tabular or tree form
• Thresholds and timeouts fully adjustable
• Exportable XML-format Event Log file
• Trigger with Timecode or Manually
• Time-stamping either with input timecode or system internal clock

DataView (with VIEW_DATA option)

• Pixel data shown in decimal, hex or binary
• Colour-coded display with data interpretation
• Up to 12-bit pixel values; SAV, EAV decode
• 4:4:4:4 data with alpha channel in YCbCr, RGB and XYZ

ANC data packet reader for easy analysis

• Decodes all common packets
• User-definable packet descriptors

Eye/Jitter (with EYE option)

• SD, HD or 3G

Eye Pattern

• 2, 4 or 8-Eye displays
• Automatic Amplitude, rise/fall-time Measurement
• Overshoot/undershoot measurement

Jitter Waveform

• Detailed analysis using a variety of different horizontal timebases

Jitter Meter

Calibrated Input Cable Length

Timing measurements

Audio/Video Delay Measurement

• Lip-Sync measurement

Reference Timing

• Difference in timing between SDI signals
• Comparison with analog reference

Flexible Generator

• Colour bar and pathological line patterns (with GEN_BASIC option)
• Zone plates, line patterns and image play-out (with GEN option)
• Full-motion uncompressed sequence play-out (with GEN_MOTION option)
• Full raster images and sequences (with GEN_ADVANCED option)

Generation Functions (with GEN option)

• Insert gain, noise, bounce, panning
• Add deliberate bit errors

Ancillary Data (with GEN option)

• Insert VITC/ATC, WSS, RP186/ARD-format Video Index

Audio Tone Generation (with GEN option)

Input Capture

• Directly into system memory for subsequent analysis
• Full raster capture (with CAP_ADVANCED option)

OTM 1000

OTM 1000

Introducing the OmniTek OTM 1000 waveform monitor and signal generator: a unique combination of high-precision video / audio analysis tools partnered by a comprehensive full-motion signal generator system. The OTM 1000 is compatible with all single- and dual-link SDI formats at 270Mb/s, 1.5Gb/s, and 3Gb/s. The system also offers an optional physical layer analysis package, providing jitter measurements and the industry’s first production eye diagram display for 3Gb/s signals. The facilities offered include a Stereo 3D monitoring option, providing a comprehensive range of colorimetry and depth-analysis functions. 

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